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Local & traditional dishes in the entrance of Machu Piccu

Our Story


We open Deva's doors in Jun of 2011 with the idea of expand the experience that our visitors have in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

We think that traditional cousine is part of any people culture, and with our dishes that come from Inca and Colonial periods, you can complete your unique experience.

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Our Suppliers & Their Products

Most of our dishes are prepare with organic vegetables. We try to work with local producers whose products have official certification, but, I must admit, that sometimes it is very difficult because of the seasonality of the vegetables, tubers (potatoes), and cereals.

The rainbow trout we use for roasting and in the ceviche comes from Lake Titicaca. Each one has around 4 pounds, this feature gives us the assurance that the portion is firm enough to sustain cooking on the grill.

The alpaca meat is tender and teasty. We always recomend to have ir medium rare, Why? Because is the best way, isn't it? Kidding aside, alpaca meat is very tender but lean, so if we cook it too much can lose tenderness.

Our guinea pigs comes from certificated farms around Cusco and Arequipa. We look for the most young and tender ones. They goes from 4 to 5 weeks, and have from 600 to 700 grams each.

We also have vegetarian & vegan dishes. Local cuisine is full of vegetarian options and eventually we went where our guests more like. The options that we have in our menu are full of flavors, textures and tastes.


In Deva Restaurant, we don't only provide an excelent restaurant service. We also have capacities that let us provide some extra services that you may need.

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Cooking Classes

This is an excelent oportunitie to visit San Pedro's (Central Market) and Ccascaparo's Markets with our Main Cheff and prepare delicious local dishes, with him, at the restaurant.

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Touristic Services

If you can trust in us to have the best gastronomic experience in Peru, you can also trust in us to have the best touristic experience. We can personalize your tours thinking about your preferences.

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Box Lunch

Depending your visits and tours, you may need a box lunch. We prepare it using the best ingredients, recicle paper bag, and trying to use the minor quantity possible of plastic.

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Please, send us a message to reserve your table or for any other purpose.

Calle San Agustín 280, Cusco, Perú

+51 84 24 77 17
+51 946 485 996


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